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Over the years, dust accumulates and winds its way to the base nodes of your carpet causing by corrosion premature wear of fibers and foundations. That is why it is imperative to submit to a thorough cleaning every 3-5 years.

Here is a brief overview of our Cleaning Service:

  • TRADITIONAL handmade cleaning (no machines)

  • Refresh and revive the original colors eroded by time

  • Remove the toughest stains (urine, wine, ...)

  • Anti-moth treatment

Whether your carpet is mechanical-synthetic or handmade, we treat it with the traditional way: Threshing and cleaning are done by hand in the rules of art! This method allows to fully respect your carpet sparing him attacks (ripped fringes, abnormal wear or holes) or surprises (colors melting) caused by the use of machines such as electric brushes, kärcher, cleaning dry drum ... How many times we have had a visit from unhappy customers, after appealing to the so-called carpet cleaning services or operating machinery after asking us to recover the colors or velvet of origin?  Despite these exceptional situations, you can always trust the Kal Family to treat your carpets with our secret formulas and cleaning preserved and passed down through generations.


Free Quote - Removal and home delivery on request

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